Bowing Meditation

Through bowing, we experience the oneness and energies of
“Heaven”, “Earth” & "Ourself".

Bowing Meditation is an act of sincerity for cleansing our soul.

Let's dedicate 108 Bows for the purification of all Souls.

(Sifu) Gary Tong
a  T o u c h  o f   C h i

Bowing is a very
serious practice. We
should be prepared to
bow, even in our last

Even though it is
impossible to get rid
of our self-centered
desires, we have to
do it. Our true nature
wants us to.

By bowing, we are
giving up ourselves
to the universe.

To give up ourselves
means to give up our
dualistic ideas and
become one.

When you become
one with everything
that exists, you find
the true meaning of

“Zen Mind,
Beginner’s Mind”

By Shunryu Suzuki
Master Instructor: (Sifu) Gary Tong
Tel: (561) 715 - 9993
Half Bow
Full Bow
Bowing is one of the most humble and spiritual acts a human can
perform. It is an action that simultaneously signifies acceptance, deep
understanding and a greater appreciation for self and others.

Through bowing, we accept, understand, appreciate and feel our soul.

Through bowing, we cast aside the narrow confines of the self and
accept the energies of the universe.

Through bowing, we are connected to the energy of “Heaven” when we
open and spread our arms.

Through bowing, we are connected to the energy of “Earth” when we
bend at the waist and lay our upper bodies on the ground
(Full Bow).

Bowing Meditation is a dynamic form of meditation that simultaneously
strengthens and makes our physical body more flexible, improves
energy circulation, and reliably helps us to listen to the voice of your