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Chi Meditation
Chi Meditation" - incorporates the movements of body, mind and spirit.
A practitioner of Chi meditation will enter a present state of being, where all
of their thoughts and attention is centered on one thing. No other thoughts
should enter the mind as this form of meditation aims to reach spiritual
awareness, as well as achieve calm,  relaxation and smooth Chi flow within
the body. The techniques of Chi meditation came from "Dao Yin", a more
than 5,000 years old healing practice that originated in China.
There are various techniques and additional associations that make up the
ways of Chi meditation, such as Qi Gong (also known as Chi Kung) and
Tai Chi (also referred to as Tai Ji). The aim of this aspect of Chi meditation
is to accomplish a state of harmony that encompasses the mind, body,
and spirit.

The Benefits of Chi Meditation:

The many different benefits associated with Chi meditation seem
never-ending. When practiced on a regular basis (preferably daily), the
stress and tension that plagues on us is reduced or eliminated. When one
accepts Chi meditation into their life, they are ready to benefit from a form
of exercise executed through a series of slow movements and postures that
help one achieve the perfect level of thought and concentration. Relaxed
actions performed in varying sequences allow the release of collected stress
to occur. An increased sense of balance, flexibility, awareness, and control
are also possible results to look forward to, in regards to Chi meditation.

Those who need to work on self-discipline and perseverance will also enjoy
the benefits that come with Chi meditation. This means anyone can benefit
from the techniques of Chi meditation, from the stressed out executive to
an elderly person strengthening balance and immune system or a young
child learning to relax and focus their mind.

At work, Chi meditation exercises allows an individual to recapture their
focus, as well as revitalize their energy. During a lunch hour, just 10 to 30
minutes of Chi meditation can reset goals through reflection, and still leave
enough time to grab a bite to eat.

Chi Meditation can be practiced standing, sitting or lying, with stillness or
movements. Breath must be slow, calm, peaceful, long and deep. Mind
must be focus and concentrated.

Chi meditation will reduce stress and restore the essential energy that
facilitates a longer, healthier life.