Dahn Gong (Energy Martial Arts)
Martial Art is not just a fighting technique. It is a
somatic science: A system of experiential knowledge
and educational method to teach how to use
efficiently and purposefully the functions and energy
of one’s body and mind.

The level of physical mastership over one’s body
can be shown by the degree of difference between
tension and relaxation, coordination and flexibility.

Maximum power is created from the coordination
between the rhythm of breathing (inhale, hold,
exhale), motion of tension & relaxation, and
conscious intention.

Training with these coordination brings the
controllability of one's power, first on the physical-
body level and later, on the energy-body and
spiritual-body levels.

Master Instructor: (Sifu) Gary Tong
Tel: (561) 715 - 9993

Digestive Health

As one of the core
components in the human
body, the digestive
system is a combination
of organs that converts
food to nutrients needed
for growth, energy and
repair, and its importance
cannot be overstated. We
often search for solutions
to help alleviate various
ailments in the body, but
many health challenges
begin in the digestive

DIGESTIVE+++   combines
a stable Probiotic, a
Prebiotic Blend and a
comprehensive Enzyme
Blend that promotes
healthy intestines, helps
with indigestion and
enhances nutrient
absorption. It comes in a
softgel form for better
nutrient bioavailability
and delivery*.

Lamanine Omega +++

The circulatory system develops
in the beginning stages of
embryonic development and
remains vital throughout our
lifetime, as it allows our bodies
to maintain a stable internal

Good circulation also provides
optimal blood flow to the brain,
heart, and other organs and
also rapid recovery following
exercise or other physical

Good health starts with good
circulation. Clearing the body’s
internal pathways to optimize
circulatory health.

•Improved signaling throughout
the body
•More pliable arteries and blood
•Increased agility
•Balanced cholesterol levels
•Extended release and long-term
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