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Touching the Body is an act of Compassion.
Touching the Soul is Divine.

My purpose is to Touch many Souls,
bringing Peace, Joy & Good Health.

Namaste - Gary Tong
Florida LMT # MA46334

Eastern & Western Techniques -

To Relieve Pain, Reduce Stress,
& Balance Internal Energy, "Chi".

Swedish ,  Deep Tissue, Thai , Shiatsu,
Tui Na, Acupressure, Sports, Neuromuscular
& Qigong "Energy Healing" Massage.
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy is a natural healing art used for
world to enhance healthy conditions of body,
mind and spirit.

Various touch techniques are used to manipulate
soft tissues including muscles, tendons and
ligaments, to relieve pain, correct skeletal
structure, increase circulation, reduce stress and
balance internal energy or life force ‘Chi’, evoking
a positive emotional state and well being.