Tai Chi Chuan Master Instructor: (Sifu) Gary Tong
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a  T o u c h  o f   C h i
What is Tai Chi Chuan?
Tai Chi is the harmony of Yin/Yang. We must first find this
harmony within ourselves, harmonizing Body, Mind & Breath.
Unlike other exercises, Tai Chi Chuan focus on developing  
“Chi”. Chi is the universal cosmic energy that is in all living
things. When Chi is weak or stagnant in our body, we
become ill. Through the relaxed and graceful movements off
Tai Chi Chuan, we learn to circulate "Chi" throughout our
body, relaxing, balancing and healing our body while calming
our mind.

Tai Chi Chuan is also a moving meditation. Every movement
is controlled by the Mind and Breath. It is very good for
stress and relaxation. It is also a martial art, where the
movements can be used in self-defense. The exact
translation of Tai Chi Chuan is “Grand Ultimate Fist”.

Tai Chi Chuan is believed to : Boost the immune system,
Slow the aging  process, Reduce the incidence of "Anxiety",
"Depression" and overall Mood Disturbances.

Tai Chi Chuan is the most effective balance and coordination
exercise in the world.

Scientific evidence suggests three basic therapeutic
principles behind the effectiveness of Tai Chi Chuan: the
restoration of vitality, the storage of physical energy, and
the massaging action of the internal organs achieved
through diaphragm breathing.

The therapeutic value is not only beneficial in treating ill
health, but is effective as a preventive measure.
The best thing about Tai Chi Chuan is the unique feeling of
harmony and well-being that is experienced upon completion
of each practice. The mind is clear, the thinking lucid, the
body relaxed and the temper gentle.

Other benefits include:
•        Increased metabolic activity
•        Improved digestion
•        Restored vitality
•        Deep and skillful breathing (
Chi Kung or Qigong)
•        Sound sleep
•        Self-defense skills
•        Peace of mind

Our fast-paced lifestyle causes a myriad of psychological,
social and physical ailments. High blood pressure, heart
disease, tension and mental stress are detrimental to our
well-being and quality of life. Tai Chi Chuan practice provides
an outlet for the accumulation of this daily debris.

By getting started in our Tai Chi & Qigong program you are
taking an intelligent step that will provide mental and
physical benefits in the immediate future and for the rest of
your life.

Taoism & Tai Chi

Humans are born gentle
and weak.
At death they are hard
and stiff.

Green plants are tender
and filled with sap.
At their death they are
withered and dry.

Therefore, the stiff and
unbending is the
disciple of death.
The gentle and yielding
is the disciple of life.

A tree that is
unbending is easily
The hard and stiff shall
The soft and pliable will

Lao Tsu
"Tao Te Ching"

Level-1 - Introductory

Tai Chi Chuan Principles
& Philosophy.

21 days Chi cultivation

Tai Chi for Balance

Heavenly Cloud Hands

Tai Chi Circle Form

Tai Chi 8 Posture Form

Push Hands
(partner energy training)

Level-2 - Intermediate

Yang Tai Chi Short Form

Push Hands and Da-Lu
(partner energy training)

Double Edge Sword Form

Dahn Gong
(Energy Martial Arts)

Level-3 - Advance

Yang Tai Chi Long Form
(88) - Dr Chang’s Form

Understanding the
37 Postures of Tai Chi

Push Hands, Da-Lu  
& San-Shou
(partner energy training)

Tai Chi Fan Form

Tai Chi Broad Sword
(Yang Family)
Sifu Tong with teacher John Chang
1991 Tai Chi Chuan Tournament
Daily Practice
The Most Effective Balance & Coordination Exercise.

enables a quiet
mind to aid the
thought process
to produce good