Tao Yoga
(12 Steps to Inner Power)

Master Instructor: (Sifu) Gary Tong
Tel: (561) 715 - 9993
a  T o u c h  o f   C h i

Lamanine Omega +++

The circulatory system
develops in the beginning
stages of embryonic
development and remains
vital throughout our
lifetime, as it allows our
bodies to maintain a
stable internal
•Improved signaling
throughout the body
•More pliable arteries and
blood vessels
•Increased agility
•Balanced cholesterol
•Extended release and
long-term effect
Good health starts with
good circulation. Clearing
the body’s internal
pathways to optimize
circulatory health.
Tai Chi - Chi Kung

(Level-1 - DVD)
Tao Yoga (Dao Yoga) is the harmonious way of uniting body,
mind and spirit. It is based on ancient Chinese exercises called
Taoyin (Daoyin). Taoyin means to move and guide chi (life
energy). All movements are performed slowly, gracefully and
mindfully with each breath.

Tao Yoga will teach you how to control and move per your
intent. The result is a disciplined mind, a joyful heart, and a
relaxed and flexible body.

Tao Yoga will guide you into a deeper state of mindfulness,
a calm, peaceful and joyful state where you can experience
the divinity within and listen to the voice of your soul.

Tao Yoga embraces the principles of Yin/Yang as practiced
within the arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and Meditation.