LAMAS Qigong Master Instructor: Gary Tong
Tel: (561) 715 - 9993
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Introduction to Wild Goose Qigong
Wild Goose Qi Gong
liberating, graceful movements of the Wild Goose in flight and
adopted these flowing gestures to improve their own health
and well-being.

Wild Goose Qigong (energy training) is a superb exercise for
cultivating and maintaining general health, it is highly
effective for the cardiovascular, central nervous, and digestive
systems; even your disposition! It has been known to have
many positive effects on health challenging conditions.

Wild Goose Qigong is a holistic Mind/Body exercise system
you can do anytime, anywhere.

• Strengthen and Relax your Body.
• Concentrate and Quiet the Mind.
• Achieve Integration of Body, Breath & Consciousness.